CHURUMURI POLL: Bigger than defence chiefs?

Robert Vadra may have been just another rich boy from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, if he hadn’t done the saat pheras with Priyanka Gandhi. But an act of monumental perfidy of the Union civil aviation ministry has pitchforked Sonia Gandhi‘s son-in-law into the limelight, an act that should prompt an entire nation to ask: is this man bigger than the chief of the army, navy and the air force put together?

In what only be construed a snub, the ministry has decreed that the three defence chiefs—the leaders of our armed forces!—should subject themselves to frisking at security checks at civilian airports like any other civilian. And this while ministers, ministers of state, lowly bureaucrats, and even Robert Vadra, are exempt. The ministry has said that exempting the defence chiefs would open up similar requests.

Questions: Is it fair to “suspect” the men in uniform while netas and babus sail through? Is this an unintended insult or a well-considered move to prevent the defence chiefs from gaining iconic status like in Pakistan, with all its attendant troubles? Should the defence chiefs and the citizens swallow this insult? Or should you ask on what earthly ground Robert Vadra is deemed to be beyond such scrutiny?

Photograph courtesy: BBC