‘Hodi maga, kadi maga, bida beda avan na…’

Suraksha, samvruddhi, sushashan, swaraj.

Security, development, good governance.

Those are nice words to pout in the air-conditioned comforts of our TV studios while wringing your hands. In the heat and dust of the electoral battleground, hate—mad, blinding, blood-curdling hate—is the foundation on which the pillars of modern democracy are being laid; cemented and cured by the blood of innocent thousands, with the contractors cheering on wildly.

In response to the BJP’s Ananth Kumar Hegde‘s contemputous boast that it was sufficient if Hindus alone cast their votes in his favour, the Congress’s Kagodu Thimmappa has done a Varun Gandhi, threatening to cut off those who talk of Hindutva.

As Malcolm Muggeridge said:

“We like to persuade ourselves that our leaders betray the trust imposed in them and distort the aspirations of those who elect them. Actually, they represent us all too exactly.”

Link via D.P. Satish