‘Kuvempu didn’t name his son, he sentenced him’

T.J.S. George, one of India's last great editors, is in town. George, like everybody else interested in these matters, was amazed at the remarkable condition of Kuvempu's house in Vontikoppal as opposed to the despicable condition of R.K. Narayan's in Yadavagiri.

At which point, yours truly butted in to say that Kuvempu's son K.P. Poornachandra Tejaswi had in fact turned the ancestral home in Tirthahalli into a wonderful musem.

At which point, George remembered Y.N. Krishnamurthy, the legendary Kannada editor, humourist and punster.

Apparently, YNK used to say that Kuvempu had not named his son, he had sentenced him. Just.