Psychiatrists, here’s a phenomenon worth studying: Why do #Hindutva folk find it so easy to loosely talk about death and killing of humans and canines?

There’s something clearly amiss in the syllabus at the Nagpur School of Inhumanities that its degree holders have such a visceral hatred of dogs.

Exempli gratia…

Narendra Modi: “Learn patriotism from Mudhol dogs

Amit Shah: “Fearing the ‘Modi flood’, a mongoose, a cat, a dog, a cheetah and lion, they are coming together.”

Anantkumar Hegde: “We willnot bother about barking stray dogs.”

Dogs, man’s best friend?

Yes, but not of men wedded to a mutant-militant form of Hinduism.


But future historians and psychiatrists, if there are any left after the ongoing onslaught on intellectualism, might also like to investigate the ease with which death and killing crops into the phraseology of the self-declared protectors of Hinduism.

So, Nitin Gadkari (above) will run a bulldozer over contractors who produce bad roads.

No, he won’t place adequate safeguards for quality control. No, he will not appoint inspectors or committees to ensure accountability. No, he won’t fine them or take them to court. No, Sir, he will just grind them into the soil and bury them, thank you.

Roads are a nation’s asset, not humans.


So, father-less Narendra Modi knows how quickly a father forgets his dead son (not daughter, mind you) but he can’t understand why Congress harps on Demonetisation.


So, the always-younger-by-a-year Gen V.K. Singh can happily talk of stoning a dog while discussing Dalit children burnt alive.


And of course, Narendra Modi admits one would feel “bad” when a car runs over a puppy.

Clearly, the tenets of Santana Dharma are alien concepts to the pretenders for whom Hinduism is but a ladder.